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Bio Frequency Therapy

Quanta biofrequency patches are a non-
chemical alternative to pain killing drugs.

The Quanta patch is a one inch round patch programmed
with frequencies of known therapeutic substances. The
patches are like jump starting a car, once the patch jump
starts your nervous system the body learns and maintains
that frequency. When placed precisely on the body they
will maximise pain reduction and restore function to
a weak area of the body, they are placed systemically to
organs and muscles alike to enhance the bodies overall
vitality and normalise its functions.

When the patch comes into contact with the skin, your
body heat activates the frequency in the patch and
discharges it to the nervous system, this increase in the
bodies voltage (frequency) happens through sympathetic
resonance, a process where the body will resonate and
match the higher frequencies of the patch and affect
change in the body.

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